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Office Bells

Our office bells are a convenient and efficient way to signal for attention in the workplace. Made from high-quality materials, they are durable and built to last. With a clear, crisp sound, our bells are easily heard across the room, making them ideal for busy and noisy environments.
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5 Inch Hand Held Call Bell | Silver

SKU: QJ126-01S

₹162 ₹180

1. Pack Contains 1 Silver Call Bell 6.5x6.5x13 cm

2. Spring with metal ball inside to make sound

3. Can be used give as a signal to catch people's attention or summon them together.

4. It is helpful when it is on the bedside table/coffee table or in your pocket for people who need special help.

5. The handle is made of plastic, the bell below is made of metal, and the inner bead is made of spring and plastic