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Miniature Ceramic Cup
Miniature Ceramic Cup

Miniature Ceramic Cup (Pack of 10 Pcs) (1.5x1.5x1.5 cm)


₹456 ₹480

1. Material: Ceramic. Pack Contain 10 Ceramic Cup Model. (Size: 1.5x1.5x1.5 Cm)

2. This Ceramic Model is beautifully designed. It is lightweight and attractive.

3. This is one of a kind decor accent for any home. Also Perfect gift to your friends and families.

4. It is suitable to be placed anywhere at your home–bedroom, living room, dining room, or kitchen.

5. This ceramic model features sophisticated oriental inspiration mixed with modern technology.

30 Degree Paper Cutter Tool - Pack of 1 - Rotary Cutter and Precision Knife


₹225 ₹250

1. This blade is made of high-quality carbon steel, with a sharp tip. High quality plastic and anti-slip grip handle is ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue.

2. The cutting craft tool is as easy to use as a pen to get the pattern you want quickly and easily.

3. It's sharp and easy to use on regular paper, card stock, adhesive-backed vinyl, etc. Each carbon steel blade is equipped with a silicone cap. When you are not using it, the cap can cover the carbon steel blade without hurting the user.

4. 360 Rotating Blade: If you have trouble in rotational aspect of blade in a sort of slalom shape down the paper, the stainless steel 360 craft cutting tool is a great alternative.

5. This craft cutting tools 360 has a hardened rotating blade craft knife and relies on two miniature ball bearings to ensure free movement of the pen blades.

SDI Corner Cutter 5mm For Rounding Corner

SKU: 1060

₹523 ₹550


2. It is a smooth, curved corner and a reverse-curve notch.

3. It is Ideal for rounding corners on photos.

4. It is to easy clean up they come equipped with a holder to catch the cut off pieces.

5. You can round corners easier and more quickly using the angle eater.

Craft Punch Cut Out Size 2.5cm Cut Paper Upto 160 GSM - Star

SKU: 99MA-41

₹190 ₹200

1. Material: Plastic and Alloy, Approximate cut out size: 2.5cm. Can cut a paper thickness 80 to 160 gsm.

2. A press of the thumb produces an exquisite cutout image every time.

3. These specially designed craft paper punch are perfect for kids DIY artwork. Note: Color of the punch may vary.

4. They can be used to create beautiful shapes of paper cuts, elegant handmade cards, scrapbook pages, gift tags, gift wrapping papers and more.

5. Good for DIY Scrapbook, Greeting Cards and Kids Artwork. Great gift for kids or adults who have a passion for scrap-booking.

A4 Sospeso Transparent Sheet Floral Design


₹95 ₹100

1. Material: Resin, Pack Contains 1 A4 Sospeso Transparent Sheet.

2. This Sospeso Transparent Sheet is of fine quality with no scratches, skids, and odd dents.

3. This Transaprent sheet have the magic to give your product a beautiful enhancement.

4. This Sospeso Transparent Flower sheet can apply on any surface like wood, metal, plastic, leather, marble, glass.

5. This Sospeso Sheet Can also be used for Resin Art.

Sketchbook Drawing Book Wire-O 100 Pages 140 Gsm (Size: A5) (Pack Contain 50 Sheets)


₹200 ₹210

1. Material: Paper. Pack Contain 100 pages of 140 gsm and 50 sheets. White Sheets

2. This Drawing Book is best for crayons, colored pencils, watercolor paints, and very light fine tip markers.

3. This Drawing Book is perfect for beginning an artist, artist who wants to improve their skills and visual creatives.

4. This Drawing Book is a perfect gift for artists, students, travelers, designers, and architects.

5. This Drawing Book is made with the original quality of drawing paper with 140gsm perfect for a professional artist.

Brass Glass Metal Photo Frame 8x6 Inch - Rectangle


₹600 ₹800

1. Material: Glass.

2. Size: 8x6 Inches

3. Pressed flowers and mementos can be displayed like art inside the wide-open glass surface.

4. Illustrations, drawings, and fun photo-booth snaps too will stand out inside the pressed glass

5. You can use it either as a wakk hanging piece or place it on any table to give your room a magnificent look. This beautiful brass and glass frame is great for gifting purpose.

Miniature Ceramic Dog White
Miniature Ceramic Dog White

Miniature Ceramic Dog (6x4x3 cm) - White

SKU: MMDM00-11

₹95 ₹100

1. Material: Ceramic. Pack Contain 1 Miniature Dog. (Size6x4x3Cm)

2. This Ceramic Model is beautifully designed. It is lightweight and attractive.

3. This is one of a kind decor accent for any home. Also Perfect gift to your friends and families.

4. It is suitable to be placed anywhere at your home–bedroom, living room, dining room, or kitchen.

3D Stickers Vintage Theme
3D Stickers Vintage Theme

3D Stickers Vintage Theme (Pack Contain 7 Stickers)

SKU: SP14016

₹48 ₹50

1. Material: Paper. Pack Contain 7 3D Stickers.

2. These stickers are Use for DIY projects, art and craft projects, decoration and more.

3. These stickers are easy to peel and stick.

4. These stickers are Great for decorating gift items, scrapbooks, albums, diary, etc. and it help childern to learn in easy and fun way.

5. These stickers decorate your scrapbook, invitation card just in minutes.

Miniature Plants
Miniature Plants

Miniature Plants (2x2x2 Cm) (Pack of 2Pcs)


₹114 ₹120

1. Material: Plastic. Pack Contains 2 Miniature Plant model.(Size: 2x2x2 Cm)

2. It builds imagination, recognition, social, emotional, language, and thinking skills Product.

3. It is the best DIY gift accessory for your friends and families.

4. It is Cute decor for your room.

5. It is beautiful and exquisite. Perfect for DIY and lightweight.

Golden Metal Sticker For Resin Art - Floral Alphabets


₹299 ₹360

1. High Gloss Sticker Sheet Size: 15x22 cm.

2. Easy to use: remove the protective film firstly, then shear the pattern you want (you do not have to shear very precisely because the rest film is transparent), and put it into the resin glue with tweezers, finally you will get beautiful craft after it dried

3. these resin decorative stickers are does not easily fade, are non-toxic and are durable to use for a long time, you just need to use your imagination and create crafts as you like.

4. Perfect for scrapbooking, nail art, phone decor, resin epoxy crafts, cards making and more.

5. the self-adhesive craft stickers can be widely applied for laptops, envelopes, scrapbooks, luggage, windows, and greeting cards, and can also be used for resin crafts as resin inserts decoration.


JAGS Refillable Roller Pen - 5 Inch - Blue Ink


₹306 ₹340

1. Pack contains 1 Roller Pen. Blue Ink. Pen Size: 1x1x13 cm.

2. Unique designed to be well balanced, you do not have to press down hard to begin to write. Smart, polished and established desgins meet a mordern way.

3. Perfect for corporate gifting, every occasion, college, university, and law school graduates as a graduation present.

4. A nice surprise for literary writers, those who love to journal and those who write poetry.

5. Roller pen refill free-flowing, long lasting, smooth writing.

Painting Brush Set of 10 Round and Flat Paint Brushes With Carry Kit - Watercolors

SKU: G-F300

₹789 ₹830

1. Material: Wood, Set of 10 Paint brushes of Size: 1,1,4,6,6,1,3/4,12,2/0,1/4.

2. Brush Size: 8 Inch Long, Short Handle Brushes. Pack Contains: 2 Round, 1 Liner, 1 Filbert, 2 Flat Shader, 1 Flat, 1 Flat Wash, 1 Fan, 1 Angle Shader.

3. All Range of paint brushes Size & Shape Small, medium and large thickness to Make your painting look perfect.

4. These Paint Brushes Great For Clay, Paint, Foam Crafts, Wood Models, Art Projects, Sculpture and Other Craft Projects.

5. This painting brush Set is perfect Gift for any painting lover, artists, beginners, professionals.


JAGS Feather Ball Pen Metal Body 10 Inch - Blue Ink - Feather Color May Vary


₹135 ₹150

1. Pack contains 1 Blue Ink Feather Pen. Size: 25x4x1 cm. Feather Color May Vary.

2. Metal Body with antique carving.

3. The feather pen is easy to use and write beautifully.

4. It will be a good gift for writers of all ages.

5. A feather pen is a most elegant way to pin a letter. Beautiful colors are available in feather.

Fun With Greeting Card


₹119 ₹125

1. Pack Contains: 4 Greeting cards with envelopes, sequins, ribbons, buttons, googly eyes, paper tag and cutout, flower Décor.

2. It is peferct DIY kit for kids

3. It helps to build your concentration, creativity, hand skill and imagination.

4. This is a great do-it-yourself kit to make outstanding Greeting Card.

5. Great gift idea for birthdays, parties, after school fun, summer projects and holidays.

Craft Pearl Moti Beads (15000 Pcs) (4mm)


₹760 ₹800

1. Material: Plastic. Pack Contain 15000 Craft Pearl Moti (Size: 4mm).

2. These Pearl Beads are the perfect accent for any craft project.

3. This product is made with special craftsmanship and easy to apply glue with on the back.

4. It can be used to decorate your home, Handmade Craft Making. Ideal for decorations and design.

5. You can create a wide variety of creative projects with these pearl beads.

Metal Cutting Dies 4In1 Flower Design
Metal Cutting Dies 4In1 Flower Design

Metal Cutting Dies 4In1 Flower Design


₹285 ₹300

1. Material: Metal, Pack Contains 1 Metal Cutting Dies.

2. Use this Dies to create unique and engaging designs for every occasion.

3. Cutting dies are suitable for scrapbooking, paper card, embossing, card making, album, DIY craft to create shapes for your favorite cardstock and paper.

4. They are also great for making stencils or layered to produce a stunning 3D effect.

5. The cutting die metal is a great gift for kids and your friends. They are good for children to cultivate their practical abilities.

Self-Adhesive Stone Stickers For Craft Size 12 mm - Multicolor - Square


₹38 ₹40

1. Material: Acrylic. Sticker Sheet Contains 45 Stone Sticker.

2. These decorative stickers for craft can be used on the face and nails. Just enjoy your face decorations and nail art!

3. These stone stickers for craft are made with strong adhesive, they stick well on multiple surfaces including paper, plastic, wood, wall, skin, and nails.

4. These assorted stickers are ideal for making a variety of DIY decorations.

5. No cutting and fuss; it is already cut in unique shapes and sizes to make your craft work easy.


Neon Range Chalk Paint 125 ml - Magenta Pink


₹175 ₹230

1. Bottle Contains 125 ml Chalk Paint.

2. This Paint for furniture dries within 30-45 minutes to a chalky matte finish that's easy to distress if desired, yet very durable.

3. These chalk paints have a great coverage requiring less paint coats; long lasting durability; little to no prep work required.

4. Covers a variety of surfaces such as wood, terra cotta, metal, canvas, glass, and so many more with this creamy chalk paint for a rustic, vintage look.

5. This water-based, non-toxic acrylic paint offers an artist-quality formula that has a creamy consistency for exceptional blending and shading.

Jute Roll Lace 6 Inch x 1 Meter - Green

SKU: JJR6-09

₹95 ₹100

1. Material: Jute. Size: 6 Inches wide, 1 Meter long.

2. This Jute lace can be as wrapping gifts, wine bottle decoration, DIY projects, festival decorations, and gardening.

3. This burlap lace is great for beading, necklaces, fine lacing, hair ornamentation, and more.

4. This Jute lace for craft is bio-degradable and recyclable.

5. This ribbon for craft is a great alternative to synthetic fiber twine and string.