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Leather Luggage Tag | Grey


₹126 ₹140

1. Pack Contains 1 Luggage Tag.

2. Perfect for identifying your luggage bags at the airport or railway station.

3. An adjustable and easy-to-use luggage tag buckle keeps your luggage tag securely attached to your luggage, carry-on, backpack, or duffle bag.

4. Choose any of designs for your bag tag and help your luggage stand out.

5. With an easily recognizable message on one side and your details on the other, you will never lose your bags again.

Leather Tissue Box Checks Design | 10.5x5x3 Inch | 8 mm Thick

SKU: 8DOR100

₹525 ₹550

1. Material: Leather. Size: 27x13x8 cm

2. This Leather tissue paper box stores tissue papers and dispenses for immediate use.

3. Tissue boxes are commonly used in homes, offices, and other settings where people may need to blow their nose or clean up spills or messes.

4. This Tissue box is a great creative gift for your friends and family.

5. Tissue boxes are convenient and hygienic alternatives to using cloth handkerchiefs or towels.

MDF Wooden Plate Octagon Shape (Pack of 4) (6x6 Inch) (4MM Thick)
MDF Wooden Plate Octagon Shape (Pack of 4) (6x6 Inch) (4MM Thick)

MDF Wood Board Octagon Shape (Pack of 4) 6x6 Inch - 4 mm Thick


₹145 ₹160

1. Material: MDF Wooden. Pack Contain 4 MDF Plate. (Size: 6x6 Inch) (Thick: 4MM)

2. This Wooden Plate is ideal for DIY hand painting, coasters, backdrop decorations, photo props, wedding decorations, etc.

3. This Wooden plate is a perfectly natural product for creating your masterpiece; perfect for wood-burning, staining and decorating.

4. This Wooden Plate has Natural wood color. You can paint, color pigment, or mark on it.

5. This Wooden Plate is easy to carry and process; Polished surface, smooth without burr, can be used for dyeing, painting, craft, and other decorative projects.

Handmade Note Book - Bicycle - 5x7 Inch


₹610 ₹675

1. Material: Paper. Size: 13x18 cm

2. These Plain writing pages provide plenty of space for personal reflection, creative writing, and recording favorite quotations or poems.

3. These notebooks can be used as travel diary, travelers notebook, journals, used for writing down ideas, keeping a travelogue, taking notes and so much more.

4. Elastic closure helps keep notebook securely closed.

5. It is perfect for gifting purpose, can be gifted on birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion.

A5 Eco-Friendly Sticky Note Pad Diary

SKU: M065

₹330 ₹354

1. Pack contains 1 wooden ruler, 2 pencils, 1 pen , 1 eraser , 1 highlighter , 5 colors sticky notes

2. They are commonly used in offices, schools, and homes to keep track of important information.

3. They are affordable and can be a cost-effective way to stay organized.

4. Memo pads are often designed with a simple, clean layout to make note-taking quick and easy.

5. Memo pads can also be a fun and creative outlet for doodling or brainstorming ideas.

Metal Cutting Dies 3In1 Border Design
Metal Cutting Dies 3In1 Border Design

Metal Cutting Dies 3In1 Border Design


₹290 ₹320

1. Material: Metal, Pack Contains 1 Metal Cutting Dies.

2. Use this Dies to create unique and engaging designs for every occasion.

3. Cutting dies are suitable for scrapbooking, paper card, embossing, card making, album, DIY craft to create shapes for your favorite cardstock and paper.

4. They are also great for making stencils or layered to produce a stunning 3D effect.

5. The cutting die metal is a great gift for kids and your friends. They are good for children to cultivate their practical abilities.

Printed Design Paper A4 13 Designs 39 Sheets 160 gsm - Summer Bloom


₹315 ₹350

1. Pattern Paper for Scrapbook Size: A4 (21 x 29.7 cm), 160 gsm.

2. Each printed paper pack contains 39 sheets (3 sheets each of 13 designs).

3. Our Cardstock papers are made of quality paper, with smooth surfaces and clear textures, single-side printing, and each paper is not very thick, so it can be cut into different shapes easily. Acid & Lignin Free.

4. These papers for art and craft are easy to fold and hard to tear off, ideal for a variety of creative projects like card making, scrapbooking, school projects with the various themes and designs.

5. These scrapbook paper supplies are suitable for journaling, paper projects, diaries, notebooks, albums, and more, which can add aesthetic beauty to your items.

Leather Pen Stand Square 4 Inch - Crocodile Grey


₹340 ₹450

1. Material: Leather. Size: 8x8x10 cm.

2. This Pen stand can Hold cards, candy, craft items, Pens, and much more.

3. Ideal for gifting as well as personal use.

4. Lightweight ecofriendly desk organizer for home and office

5. It fits all styles of pens and office supplies.

Brass Glass Metal Photo Frame 6x6 Inch - Hexagoan


₹740 ₹920

1. Material: Glass.

2. Size: 6x6 Inches

3. Pressed flowers and mementos can be displayed like art inside the wide-open glass surface.

4. Illustrations, drawings, and fun photo-booth snaps too will stand out inside the pressed glass

5. You can use it either as a wakk hanging piece or place it on any table to give your room a magnificent look. This beautiful brass and glass frame is great for gifting purpose.

Emboss Texture Paste - 300 grams - Yellow Ochre


₹475 ₹525

1. Material: Texture Paste(talcum Powder, Glue, White Acrylic Paint Mix, Water). Pack Contains 300 grams Bottle Of Emboss Texture Paste.

2. This Artist Quality Texture Paste Is Ideal For Adding Dimensional Layers Onto A Variety Of Surfaces.

3. Customize The Paste By Inking Or Painting Directly Over The Dry Paste, Or By Mixing In Acrylic Paints, Re-inkers And Other Texturing Elements.

4. It Is A High-quality, Non-toxic And A Safe To Use Product.

5. Cleans Up With Soap And Water When Wet.

Plastic Pen Stand | 3.5 Inch

SKU: DG-2169

₹117 ₹130

Material - Plastic. Size: 9x9x9 cm

2. Prevents pens from rolling away or getting lost, reducing clutter and mess on your desk or workspace.

3. Ideal for gifting as well as personal use.

4. Lightweight ecofriendly desk organizer for home and office

5. Organizes pens and other writing instruments in a convenient and accessible manner.

Earrings Holder | Pack of 3 Pcs | Black


₹210 ₹230

1. Material: Metal. Pack Contain 3 Earring Holder Stands.

2. Earring holders are accessories used to store and organize earrings.

3. Earring holders can be both practical and decorative, providing a stylish storage solution for your earrings.

4. This hooks Can be used for necklace bracelets earring anklet bag keychains.

5. This is the best gift for the person who Loves collecting Jewelry.

Twisted Paper Rope - 50 Meters x 2 mm Thick - Yellow


₹90 ₹100

1. Material: paper. Pack Contain 1 Paper Rope 50 Meter long. 3 mm Thick.

2. This Paper Rope Can be applied in arts and crafts wrapping gifts, wine bottle decoration, DIY projects, room decoration, applicable to festival decorations, and gardening.

3. This Paper Rope is Great for braiding, beading, necklaces, fine lacing, earrings, hair ornamentation, and more.

4. This Paper Rope is bio-degradable and recyclable so make this jute string environmentally friendly and a great alternative to synthetic fiber twine and string.

5. This Paper Rope is Perfect for all craft projects from jewelry to garments.

A5 Ruled Notebook Diary Leather Cover with Lock | Black


₹495 ₹550

1. Pack Contains 1 A5 Ruled Multipurpose Diary.

2. Good Quality Notebook For Multipurpose Use.

3. Fill it up with dates you never want to forget or targets you always wanted to achieve.

4. Doodle your thoughts, jot down notes, draft your stories, track your moods, craft your masterpiece and more.

5. These ruled diaries can be used as travel diary, travelers notebook, journals, used for writing down ideas, keeping a travelogue, taking notes and so much more.

Washable Non-Toxic Glitter Glue 70 ml


₹55 ₹110

1. Material: Glitter Glue. Pack contains 70 ml of Glitter mixed glue.

2. These Glitters glue is for fun and decoration on paper, card and fabric.

3. Perfect for decorating and personalizing t-shirts, tennis shoes, backpacks and more.

4. It is washable,safe and Non-toxic.Keep from freezing

5. Let your imagination and creativity run wild with all the infinite decoration possibilities this great kit will open up for you!


Round Acrylic Paper Weight Floral Design | 2.5x2.5 Inch


₹162 ₹180

1. Pack contains 1 Paper Weight - 7x7x2.5cm

2. A paperweight is a small solid object which is kept on top of the paper to refrain from blowing in breeze. It is very solid in shape.

3 Office DECOR: This handcrafted show piece is an ideal item for your home and office tables.

4. Elegant design that makes the product suitable for gifting on various occasions.

5. Easy to Clean - you can easily dust the dirt off by using a soft cloth

Craft MDF Wooden Cut-outs With 2 Rings Albums You & Me (Set of 4Pcs) (Size: 4inch)


₹315 ₹350

1. Material: Wood. Pack Contain 4 MDF Wood Cut-outs.

2. These Mdf Wooden Cut-outs are great for door hangers, home decor, or decorations for any special occasion.

3. You Can Use paint, markers, crayons, glue, glitter, mosaic, mod-podge, acrylic liquid paint, paper, tape, vinyl, and Diverse Woodworking Stencils to decorate these MDF Wooden cut-outs.

4. These MDF wooden cutouts by Diverse Woodworking have smooth surfaces that do not need further sanding.

5. These MDF wooden cutouts are great for crafts for children of all ages.

Embossing Folder 6x6 Inch

SKU: EF6-2

₹180 ₹200

1. Material: Plastic. Approximate Size: 15x15x0.5 Cm. Pack Contains One Small Size Embossing Folder.

2. The Embossing Folder will add the perfect finishing touch to your work. With an intricate design, this is a beautiful way of complimenting your work, adding embellishments, framing your pieces or developing backgrounds.

3. Ideal for cards, scrapbooks and other paper craft projects, this embossing folder will create the perfect pattern for you.

4. Simply place your embossing folder on top of your chosen paper.

5. This will create instant decorations for your paper-crafts

Self Adhesive No Smoking Signage Sticker | 7x2.5 Inch


₹90 ₹100

1. This product comes in a single pack, containing one self-adhesive No Smoking signage horizontal sticker. Size 18x6 cm

2. Elegant and Modern Font - Looks Good at Home, Office, Shops and Elsewhere.

3. Clear and Legible Lettering - Can Be Read Properly from a Distance.

4. Before fixing any signs/poster, clean the surface properly.

5. These stickers are perfect for displaying important messages or promotions in high-traffic areas.

Wax Seal Stamp - Anchor (3x3 cm)


₹285 ₹300

1. Sealing Stamp Size: 3x3 cm. Handle Size: 4 Inch.

2. Wax seal stamp with a wooden handle and a metal head.

3. Use with sealing wax, on cards, scrapbook layouts, envelopes, invitations, gift wraps, product packaging, mixed media and other craft projects.

4. The handle can be removed just by rotating.

5. The seal with delicate and interesting shape and pattern are very suitable as a gift for friends.